history of merkanooka

James Yewers has lived on Merkanooka soil all his life. His great grandfather was a pioneer of the area, and being fourth generation farmer holds a pretty special place in James' soul.

There was something that rocked him every harvest carting the season's winnings to the bulk handling site. The chance to keep the farm truck rolling past the harvest season at the newly appointed Karara Mine was the beginning of an exciting new venture for the truck-loving farmer.

Now, with a solid foundation for haulage and supported by a strong team of hands, Merkanooka Haulage is a competitive and vigorous haulage choice.

James' heart pumps from the smell of grease, diesel and good old hard work, and has always stood by a classic, hands on approach in order to get the job done.

about merkanooka

Our haulage history dates back to the Kalgoorlie Gold Rush, where our ancestors ran horse and carts for the gold mine. We now operate state-wide from the Midwest to the Pilbara and to many remote locations.

The Yewers family began farming in Morawa, in Western Australia's Midwest region, in 1907, and are farming the same land today. Now, a dynamic member of the haulage industry, Merkanooka Haulage is focused on delivering practical, safe, reliable and flexible haulage solutions at competitive rates.